Monday, November 2, 2009

Art saves lives. For Halloween we usually make our own costumes. For my 12 year old daughter we were talking about a tornado with lots of tulle and cows, etc., but it just wasn't feeling right and things were a little tense around the Olson house. So, with about three hours to go I came up with an idea based on some artwork I had just seen at the Arlington Arts Center by Cynthia Hron. Cynthia had these large anamorphic shapes made out of zip ties that were very cool. I explained it to my husband and daughter and they took it from there to create a porcupine-ish costume. It was a big hit and everyone wanted to touch it. Once again, art saves lives.
(Cynthia Hron photo is from the

In September I attended a Carolyn Anderson workshop in Easton, Maryland. It was held at the Easton Studio and School through the South Street Art Gallery. Carolyn gave several demos throughout the class and of course made it look so easy. This was a good class for me because I have been trying to loosen up and be more painterly. Carolyn said that we need to change our mentality so that instead of painting a painting of a model, we should use the model to create a painting. (Photo is one of Carolyn's demos)